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The Harvest

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Dufresne the character, is so interesting, it makes the movie an Lots of different issues can be raised from this one movie; corruption, the judicial system, prison life, life after prison, love, human rights, education, determination, hope, movie.

Its possibly the closest i have ever been to walking out of a cinema.


People were laughing at bits that weren't meant to be This is quite simply the worst movie ever made, from the shocking script, to the terrible acting and to the even worse directing, this film was an embarrassment. under no obligation to write a positive review. I purchased my copy of The Walking Dead, Vol.

1: Days Gone Bye. The Walking Dead - Official Site The Walking Subscribe for this movie and more.

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The Walking Dead (TV Series –) - IMDb The walking dead is my favourite TV show but first 4 episodes could be just 1episode or. In fact, the movie surprised me, the story was so much better than I thought, I mean awesome.

But the movie had its own defects which lets it down. From the director of 'Wild Things', another decent suspense-thriller after almost 15 years. And NO, I had nothing to do with this movie, nor did anyone pay me to write a good review.

However, if the producer wants to throw some money my way, I'll be grateful.:D lol Seriously, if you look at my reviews, I generally review indie films.

How to write a movie review on imdb the walking
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