How to write a flat stanley return letter

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Flat Stanley

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The letters allowed us to send information about ourselves, our school, our town, and our state to the people who were receiving our Stanleys.

The letters we received from others allowed us to learn more about them.


Sending. Students, either individually or in groups, make a paper Flat Stanley. Put the sender's name and return address and e-mail address on the back. From the Desk of Flat Stanley. Hi Sarah, Thank you so much for sending me to Austin, Texas! To tell you the truth, I was afraid it might be super boring, but as it turned out, I had an amazing time.

Flat Stanley reaches the top of Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas! Your aunt, uncle, and five-year-old cousin took me on a hike at a place called Mount Bonnell.

The SE NL 1/8-Inch Number and Letter Stamping with Automatic Punch includes a 1/8" imprint, characters with 26 uppercase letters, numbers from 0 to 9, a period, and an ampersand. describe Stanley’s visit to their town, state, or far off country and then mail Stanley back to your child to you with an accounting of his visit.

Inside the envelope, you will find a letter. Please help your child fill out the greeting line. Then mail Flat Stanley and letter to your friend or. Noah's favorite book-Flat Stanley ideas: Elementary Matters: Flat Stanley, Revisited Includes ideas and a Freebie letter to families if you want to do a Flat Stanley adventure Find this Pin and more on by Elementary Matters.

How to write a flat stanley return letter
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