How to write a catchy metal chorus pedal

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Metal Part III: Assyrian Occult Death Metal

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Writing a Great Chorus

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Melechesh is one of the most unique bands I’ve ever come across. Its Assyrian and Armenian founders from Jerusalem were set on creating a Middle Eastern black death metal band with occult themes to regional spiritualities, namely the ancient Mesopotamian.

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Arguing over the metal credentials of Ghost seems to be a new metal-fan pastime, but it’s pretty much inarguable that outfit can write one hell of a chorus. Concert Reviews on Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews, which contains reviews of about 5, records - rock and roll, pop, jazz, funk, punk, hip hop, Latin - plus concerts, books about music, Top 10 lists, and generally a whole lot of ranting.

How to write a catchy metal chorus pedal
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