From the editors how to write a high-quality review journal

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Instructions for Authors

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From the Editors: How to write a high-quality review

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Instructions for Authors 2018

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Journal-specific instructions. When you sit down to write the review, make sure you familiarize yourself with any journal-specific guidelines (these will be noted in the journal’s guide for authors available on each journal’s homepage).

First read the article. You might consider spot checking major issues by choosing which section to read first. Instructions for Authors General Policy.

IN VIVO is a multidisciplinary journal designed to bring together original high quality works and reviews on experimental and clinical biomedical research within the frames of human physiology, pathology and disease management. Instructions for Authors.

International Journal of Biological Sciences publishes papers of high quality in any area of biology and biological sciences.

Journal of Social and Administrative Sciences

TIP: Where the editor’s name is not known, use the relevant title employed by the journal, such as “Dear Managing Editor:” or “Dear Editor-in-Chief:”.

Using a person’s name is best, however. COPE Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors • adopt peer-review methods best suited for their journal and the research community it serves. Request PDF on ResearchGate | EDITORIAL: From the Editors: How to write a high-quality review | The peer review process is widely used by academic journals, including the Journal of International.

From the editors how to write a high-quality review journal
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